This investigation/cleansing of a private home in the lower North Island was held on 27 February 2015
As in most of our published web reports all identifying and private information has been removed

This report was compiled and produced by (George Shiels) lead investigator for core paranormal NZ
Crew attending:




Equipment used:

1 X thermal imaging camera

2 X Sony night shot video cameras

3 X full spectrum video cameras

1 X Vortex proximity meter

1 X modified K2 EMF meter

1 X K2 EMF meter

4 X digital audio recorders

8 X assorted tripods

1 X standard compass
Haunting history and brief: our client first contacted us via email from our core paranormal NZ website, our client lived some distance away we did all pre-investigation enquiries via email. Our clientís young son was showing signs of acknowledging someone else in the room that no one else could see, also at night the young son would wake up and mention (the man) and this made our client become concerned about was happening. Our client that seek medical advice and they could find no medical reason why there young son would be seeing these things, other than a childís imagination. Our client however did notice that certain things in the home were being moved without reason, keys and things like just everyday things that have their own storage place. After this activity had been happening for a while our client as Iím sure of how long, but the time period of about two years has been suggested. So we answered our clients call for help and arranged a visit.
Arrival and investigation start: owing to daylight saving we arranged to arrive at our clientís home sometime after 8 PM, as we did not want to disturb our clientís sons and bedtime routine. The setting up of the video cameras went very smoothly as all the equipment we had with us was portable and quick to set up. Also the weather was typical for February, scattered cloud with warm temperatures in the mid-20s c with no wind these conditions remain throughout the whole investigation/cleansing.
Conclusion: as one can never guarantee the outcome of any paranormal issues especially when investigating them, it is good to get the feedback from a client about the activity and their home has ceased, or at least eased making it possible for both to live alongside each other, but in this case the activity has ceased altogether so it is a good outcome for our client, and we are very happy for them as I know they were concerned about the whole thing.

I would like to thank our client for contacting us and inviting us into their home, as in most cleansing is it is very important for the inhabitants to be in the right frame of mind while the ceremony is being performed, and our clients did that and so they played a great part in this cleansing as well.
It has been some time since our visit and our client has not reported any further problems regarding her sonís unwanted visitor (the man). I can say as a team leader and a witness to the cleansing ceremony that Elizabeth and Victoria performed was very thorough, and it was performed with confidence and dignity, keeping everything within the realms of respect. So Iím not surprised that it was a good outcome for our client after our visit.
There was a lot of other things that happened during this investigation, but in all fairness to our clientís privacy we will not include them in the sweep version of the report. I can say while we were at the residence we believe we did make contact with the presence/spirit and somehow came to an understanding.
This particular cleansing was performed by Elizabeth and Victoria, would Darcy and myself (George) as support. I will say that Elizabeth and Victoria did a very thorough job with this cleansing leaving no nook or Craney untouched. As I was operating most of the equipment I was able to capture all our vigils and equipment reactions, also the whole cleansing ceremony which was repeated until we were as confident as one could be that the job had been done.
Later in the evening we held a discussion with our client and we came to the conclusion that it would be best if we made an attempt to move/help this presence/spirit on to the other side.
While Victoria Elizabeth and Darcy were in the hallway, Elizabeth and Darcy started hearing a pitch, Darcy was able to identify this patch and apparently it was a G, while this was going on Victoria was tuning in to a male presence/spirit, the spirit did not seem to be very happy and could not get to grasps with their death. At times while Victoria was tuning in to this male presence/spirit, Victoria got visibly upset and had to take some time out, this could have been because of the emotions from the presence/spirit was spilling over to Victoria. After a short break Victoria was able to compose herself again and we carried on with our vigils.
We found at this investigation that vigils were the main part of this investigation, and our modified K2 came in to its own, we had one of our other unmodified K2 is with us that seem to react and backup each other. We have found that our modified K2 is an invaluable at vigil times as it gives more than one type of response while reacting. We did several vigils throughout the whole house including the sonís bedroom, being careful not to wake the son up and did the best we could, we did not get much of a response if any from our equipment while we were in the sonís bedroom, but the main front bedroom was a different story our equipment burst into life. We spent a good portion of the evening in this room as we were getting good responses to our vigil questions via our modified K2 meter, we are still using the standard K2 meter as well but our modified K2 has audio option with it as well. I was manning the modified K2 I was getting frequency responses but not audible words, at times I thought I could make out an attempt of words try to be formed, to us this was a real chance to listen into some of the possible responses that would not normally hear. I can say with the reactions we got to our vigil questions that it did and wait to our clients sons claims of this mysterious man.
Above: This is a snap taken from the video at the time the "G" cord/tone was heard in the hallway
Above: This is a snap of our client discussing with us on the possibility of doing a cleansing in their home
Above: modified K2 EMF meter
Above: Vortex proximity meter and modified K2 meter
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