Crew Present:






Douglas the client

Equipment Used:

2 x 8 channel DVRís

5 x 100mtr ccdtv IR cams

4 x 50mtr ccdtv IR cams

5 x 30mtr ccdtv IR cams

1 x Thermal imaging camera

4 x full spectrum video cameras

3 x Sony night shots

3 digital still camera
2 x night scopes

2x Night scopes

3 x passive IR motion detectors

4 x digital audio recorders

2 x IR thermometers

5 x hand held laser grids all tripod mounted 2 x Green, 1 x Red, 2 x ultraviolet

2 x hard wired laser grids tripod mounted

30 assorted tripods and custom fittings

20 x assorted video, power, audio leads

2 x tri torches

2 x laser torches

Some Equipment Placements:

2 x cams in the dance studio

2 x cams in hallway leading to studio

4 x cams covering main hallway

2 x cams covering the basement

2 x cams covering toilet area

2 x cams covering ballroom entrance

Many other cams moved around during the night

2 x digital audio recorders were placed at activity hot spots with full spectrum video cameras covering them both

1x Sony night shot, 1 x full spectrum video camera covering the back stairway later in the evening 

Haunting History in brief:

The Building is a three storied building that houses lots of businesses; there are a wide variety of businesses throughout all the floors.  
It was reported to me that, for some time now there has been a lot of strange activity at the building; this consists of reports form people that are visiting the building and some of the tenants, there is no particular age group that have reported the activity young and old seem to experience the phenomenon.

A feeling that there is at least one child like presence but unseen to the naked eye: also it is felt that the presence is playful in nature also managing to reach out and touch the person and the person feeling the contact.

Some of the visitors (students) to one of the businesses in the building sense the child presence often in the main hallway, the students have even set up some toys in the hallway like balls and hoops to encourage the child spirits to play, and it would appear that some of the toys seemed to move on their own, suggesting that some unseen force was moving them (playing).

Douglas a business owner in the building and a teacher has felt the presence often, he to feels that the presence is child spirits; he has on many occasions felt the presenceís brush past him as if a group of children were chasing each other maybe playing a game of tag. 

Upon a pre investigation visit a few weeks before I took some equipment with me to check for things like EMF and some background information, also I recorded the eye witness accounts from some of the customers and tenants. I did find some high EMF in the main hallway but it seemed to be on the move, I did have trouble keeping up with and I found that it would double back on me which caused some confusion at time. I examined the hallway and looked for an emission source but I could not find one, I would have to say that the way the EMF was moving around it reminded me how children move when playing games.

I certainly found the pre-investigation visit interesting: especially when I witnessed what could have been some of the playful child spirits via the EMF readings I was following. 
All of the haunting history and personal accounts that have been relayed to me preceding the investigation, none of this information has been passed on to the investigation team, they went in open minded and used their individual talents to investigate with.        

Weather conditions:

upon our arrival were: fine but cool with no rain and the outside temperature was 18c; there was a slight breeze and it seemed to stay that way until pack up time around 4.30am.

To follow is the documented finding form resting readings and walk about:

At the beginning of the investigation Victoria, Catherine and Douglas went to the menís toilet area this was part of the resting readings walkabout, all three witnessed the door open by its self, and all three were visibly shaken after the experience. Upon further investigation of the toilet and the door there was no draft present, also the door itís self is a heavy and solid door that is not easily moved.

First off, Victoria picked up on a spirit, a child spirit and she got the name Maggie, Maggieís spirit seemed to be on the move just like a child would if in a playful mood, I would like to mention that at the same time the EMF meter the girls had with them was giving a high reading averaging 10mg (milliGAUSS), this EMF reading appeared to be on the move just like Victoria explained the spirit was doing. This movement appeared to be moving throughout the main hallway. There was no man made cause for the presence of the EMF found, keeping in mind the walls are solid concreate.

Victoria explained that Maggie makes her presence felt during the day while people are about, approaching people playfully trying to encourage them to join in on her games. As Victoria had no prior knowledge of the haunting history at the time she was sensing the child spirit, this made an impact on the client Douglass, as there had been reports from visitors and residents of the building including himself: that they can feel the presence of at least one child spirit some time more day and night time, and they all feel that the child spirit is encourage them to play with them.

Part of Brendaís sensing was drawn to the menís toilet area and the basement, again Brenda had no knowledge of the haunting history of the building, part of that history is the menís toilet area: as most people in the building do not like entering the area as it makes them feel very uncomfortable, it is unsure if the reason for this is caused by the child spirit that is frequenting the hallways, but from all accounts it is unlikely, Brenda did tell me that whatever it is, itís not very nice and this was backed up by Victoria, also Catherine told me that she felt uneasy about being near the toilets as well.

The basement areas also held a lot of interest to Brenda, whenever she was in the basement accompanied by myself or Jamie, she would shiver and feel colder than the rest of us, and the feeling of something bad has happened down there. There were a few other areas that drew Brenda's attention but we could not gain access to them. I will leave those areas out of this report as we maybe aloud to return and hopefully include these areas as well in the future.

This part of the report is from the footage and points of interest from the 8 channel dvr set up in lunch room all 8 channels were used.

Cam 01: left hand side basement:

There was no dust storms when investigators move past this cam, investigators were down in this area at least 8 times including a 20min vigil held by George Brenda and Jamie, there was still no dust or bugs recorded, but there is one part when no one was in the basement that this cam picked up a possible orb at 1.07am; moving mid shot right to left. It disappears as suddenly as it appeared. This was the only thing of interest that was recorded from this cam. Also no audio of interest was recorded from two separate vigils held in this area.

Cam 02: right hand side basement: 

As investigators move about in this area of the basement, again there is no sign if dust or bugs on any of the dvr footage, and there was nothing out of the ordinary recorded in this area. Also upon listening to the one recorded vigil in this area: there was nothing to report as there were no noticeable responses on the recording

Cam 03: Ballroom Foyer:

This area held some interest to most of the investigators, 3 vigils were held in this area, the first was held by myself (George) while I was alone, this lasted approximately 25 minutes with what sounded like some responses to Georgeís questions 2 in particular, the possible responses were in the form of soft knocking or taping noises on the double doors, this happened several times after George asked the questions: are you playing games with us: do you want us to play as well. I repeated the question several times so I could try and verify the taping noises as a response to these particular questions. As the taping noises reoccurred after the next 3 times after each question, this would give some weight the theory that this was a response to the Vigil.

Two other Vigils were held in the foyer present were George, Brenda and Jamie, each time some of the same question were asked: Are you playing games and Do you want us to play as well, all three of the investigators herd noises on the double doors several times after these questions were repeated, as there was no visible sign of any cause for the noises, this could mean that they were from the other side of the locked doors but the ball room was empty. We also at times experienced high EMF readings on two of our EMF meters around the doors, because both meters reacted at the same time this backed up our suspicions of something but it is unseen to the naked eye.

After a close check for any other possible cause for the taping noises; like a strong breeze or movement in the doors that would cause any taping or banging noises, nothing was found that would cause this on the doors, there was a slight draft through the seams of the top door jamb with no movement in the doors.
There is something else I (George) would like to mention, while I was doing a lone vigil in the foyer, I was seated near the doors while I was talking to whatever spirits may have been present, when I first heard the tapping noises they seemed to last a minute or so, there was no rhythm to them but persistent in nature. There was a lull for some time in what I can now call in the middle of the response, this period lasted about 5 minutes, in that time I am sure I heard the door handle being moved, I have checked the DVR forage for this as we had a DVR cam facing the doors but itís not clear enough to see the handle move, what is clear is my reaction to the door when I heard the noise of the handle moving.

We were not able to gain entry to the ball room on the night, so we are not able to be totally sure what was causing the noises on and around the doors, I was able to do a pre investigation inspection of the ball room, and I cannot think of anything that would have caused the strange noises that we experienced on the night. All there was in the room was a few pieces of furniture like tables and chairs.

Cam 04 Ball room entranceway:

This cam was placed to hopefully cross reference the cam in the foyer, it turned out that it caught some possible orbs. Although the cam inside the foyer did not pick these orbs up, they are what we typically call semi-transparent orbs, and they seem to be using the entrance way a lot, and each time one is recorded in this area it could be the same one each time, as they seem to have the same travel characteristics even though each orb are traveling in different directions.
As in most of the other areas of the building we investigated, this area was the same there was no dust or bugs recorded.

Cam 5 Hallway leading to the lunchroom:

Throughout the night we set up all sorts of equipment covering this part of the hallway, earlier on the night investigators Victoria, Catherine, and Brenda along with Douglas went for a walk around, during which time Douglas found while I was setting equipment up and informed me that Victoria has picked up on at least one child spirit in the hallway.

When I was doing a pre investigation visit to the building I had a conversation with Douglas about the activity in the building, he informed me that he felt that there was at least one child spirit in the building but probably more, I also had an opportunity to talk to one of the parents of Douglasís students, he informed me that his wife and his young son and himself had also felt this when they turned up to pick their daughter up from the dance studio.  As there was activity and a feeling around them that wound suggests that spirit children are present.

I had not relayed any of the information that Douglas had told me to any of the investigators prior to the investigation, they went in afresh with no knowledge of the investigative background. Also we as a group over the years have witnessed and learned that Victoria has a gift towards sensing things that most of us cannot. When she picked up on the child spirit she did that via here talent being able to tune in to her surroundings.

Cam 6 Mid hallway:

This cam was facing back towards the faces wall mounted at the S bend in the hallway, its function was to record any movement between the two hallways both human and hopefully spiritual. After viewing the footage from this cam I found that the orb activity that was recorded was between 12 midnight and 3 am, several possible orbs are recorded moving in all directions at different times, some orbs are very clear and others are mid transparent, I am also keeping in mind that they could be all the same orb each time.

On my pre visit to the building Douglas had already informed me that he felt the activity seemed to heighten around 3am, and it is mostly in the hallway and what we have time stamped recorded would seem to back his claim up. This would also add weight to Victoriaís claims of sensing a child spirit in the hallway.

I also noticed on the footage that Brenda was drawn to this area at times all throughout the night; I would like to mention that Brenda has shown signs of being able to tune in to her surroundings as well, I am not sure how strong this is but she has shown the ability. I am sure this is why Brenda was drawn to this particular area even though the activity was not noticeable to the naked eye, she must have sensed the presence as well.

Laser Grids:

We also set some hand held laser grids hoping to pick up on any movement or disturbance in the grid, after a while we swapped the hand held laser grids for mains laser grids. At one point around 1.00am Douglas noticed movement in the grid and pointed it out to us, and for a moment we were all mesmerized following the movement, but after a while one of our investigators Jamie noticed that a glass door had a bit of movement in it, and a closer look at it and the movement was found to be part of the grid reflecting of the moving glass door. 

Cam 7 menís toilet doorway:

There was a lot of movement past this cam by everyone on the investigation, I noticed again on the footage that there is no dust residue or contamination i.e. dust or bugs recorded. I did notice some repeating strange frequency interference on this cam, which has been tested on return to my work shop and is working fine. I did notice that the menís toilet area held some sensed spiritual interest to the girls, as they spent some time early in the investigation tuning in to immediate area. I think whatever they tuned into in this area made them feel uneasy. There were no other noticeable events out of the ordinary from this cam.

Cam 8 facing across from lunch room hallway:

This Cam was place to try and catch any area transitional movement between the ball room areas towards the main thoroughfare hallway. Again as in all the other cams from this IR dvr recorder unit there was a lot of movement around this area by the investigators, and no dust or bug pollution was recorded. Also there was no recorded activity out of the ordinary to add to this report.

This part of the report is from the footage and points of interest from the 8 channel set up in the foyer five channels were used.

Cam 1 Facing mirror near studio entrance

There are three things from this cam that is out of the ordinary and that is a transparent disturbance, it is not in the form of an orb, but the infrared did pick it up at 12.01.20am, this was moving around behind Douglas even though he was not in shot of the cam he was close by and would have had his back to the anomaly, Itís not possible to take snaps of this as it does not show up very well.

The second anomaly at 12.10am: again not formed enough to take a snapshot of, like before the infrared picked up the disturbance, also like earlier Douglas had been in shot but had left and gone into the studio, some 20 seconds later is when the disturbance was recorded.

The third time I was able to take some snaps of the anomaly, they are not very clear but I have included them on the snaps of interest disk. For the third time this disturbance was recorded shortly after Douglas had been in shot and had left 30 seconds before the anomaly shows up. There have been others in shot of this camera but the disturbance does not show up.

Whatever the anomaly is, it looks like while we were on site it may have been following Douglas around. This would make sense as we were the strangers to the building. This could be one of the spirit children that Douglas and others have felt around them at times.
The rest of the footage from this cam was clear of any other activity other than the investigators movements. 
It is worth mention at this point: about the noises all the investigators that were left as some had left earlier, we  heard them in the early hours of the morning, and it was most prominent in this seated area outside the studio, we had spent some time holding two vigils in the seated area and that is when we noticed the noises, were the noises in response to our vigil questions I am unsure of that: but we had not heard any noises prior to the vigils, these noises seemed to emit from the building its self as they seemed to emit from all around us, this is a very strong concreate building and even though some strange noises have been heard in the past: none like these have been reported, I am keeping an open mind about the noises: I do have to look at the possibility of the noises being building movement noises and be coincidental with our vigils.

Personal experience:

While I (George) was in the seating area outside the studio, there is a mirror hanging facing the studio entrance, and my attention was drawn to it, there was a slight scrapping sound as if the mirror had swung sideways back and forth on its hook, I waited a while to see if there was any other movement before checking it, there was no other movement that I noticed.
I was pre-warned about the mirror on my earlier visit as others had seen and heard it move by its self before so it was on my mind at the time, it may have been pareidolia on my part but I was sure I heard the noise as it was very clear and unmistakable. 

Cam 2 facing away from the seated area towards the main hallway:

The reason for this placing a cam at this location facing towards the main hallway, was to hopefully record any anomaly that might travel between the two areas, after viewing all the footage from this cam I could not find anything at all not even a speck of dust.

We have found in the past: that even in the most clinical of surroundings there has always been at least some dust recorded. Our equipment is designed to catch and record anything that is presented large or small.
I have found that all of the DVR cams that were placed around the building have not picked any dust at all, also there is usually the odd bug but none were recorded.

I would like to mention at this point that all our cams are HD and when we do record dust and bugs that is what they look like dust and bugs, where most have problems identifying and separating air Bourne pollution such as dust and bugs from: anomalistic movement (orbs and alike) we find we are well equipped to tell the difference.

I do not know why there is a lake of dust pollution at the location, I cannot find any logical reason for this as even the cleanest of places has dust, but there may be a hidden reason for this and we may have to look closer somehow, so we can at least be able to take an educated guess at the reason for this. I feel that it could have something to do with the spiritual presence in the building.

Cam 3 left hand side of the studio also covering the doorway:

This cam was placed to record any movement entering the studio via the doorway; it also covered the left hand side of the studio. After all the footage was viewed from this cam no anomalies were found, what was interesting was the movement sensor light, it activated 9 times without anyone being present.

I can say with some degree of certainty the there was no bugs flying around to activate the sensor, or it would have shown up on our cams that were set up in the studio. Again as in all the other cams: no dust or bug contaminations were recorded on this cam.

Of course the sensor light might be faulty, but on the night of the investigation even though we were not able to test it, it seemed to be working properly when we were present in the studio. So at this stage I would have to look at the sensor light activating while we were not present: as adding to our findings and help add some weight to the hunting claims made by all the witnesses. 

Cam 4 was mounted near the lift:

This area had a lot of traffic through it all night with investigators going back and forth, no dust or bug pollution was picked up just like many other cams placed around the building, but there was one possible orb recorded at 01.53 42am on cam 4, this looks like what we call a classic semi-transparent orb, 30 seconds before the capture Douglas and Brenda had gone out via the glass doors, the orb anomaly appeared well after they had left the area, it is  travelling in the same direction heading towards the door, if it was some sort of pollution like dust or some other matter then the draft from the doors would have repelled it in the other direction, keeping in mind this is 30 seconds later and the doors were closed for that amount of time.
Jamie had made several thermal imaging sweeps of the area, and he could not find any evidence of drafts being present at the time.

Cam 5 right hand side of the studio:

This cam was placed on the right hand side of the studio to hopefully: back up any recorded events of interest from cam 3 and vice versa, Cam 5 did back up there was no one present in the studio when the sensor light was activating the nine times I have mentioned previously in this report.

Personal experiences:

Near the start of the investigation there was a walk around done of the location, Victoria, Catherine and Brenda accompanied by Douglass, one of the reasons for this walk about was to take resting reading to help identify any EMF manmade or otherwise.

Another reason for the walk around is it gives the sensitive part of the group a chance to get in tune with their surroundings and document their findings; it is also a good time to identify any hazards with lights out time in mind.

Random Full Spectrum Video and Personal experiences:

We had several full spectrum video cameras set up on tripods so they were portable to move around when needed, I had one set up and recording in the seated area outside the dance studio while we were holding the two vigils, these cameras have good audio pick up as well as being able to record video deeper that infrared. Brenda is recorded mentioning the doorway next to the dance studio, this doorway held some interest to Brenda and Victoria and they felt something pass through it, some sort of unseen energy that was moving very fast, Brendaís words ď it went whooshĒ.

At this stage I am unsure what is drawing Brenda and Victoria to this door: but I am hopping a future visit might help them both to find this out.
The noises I mentioned earlier in this report: the discussion we were all having about them is recorded very clearly on this footage, it is very clear that the noises are moving around, and when I think about it, itís as if they are forming a circle around us.

I have to say the way these noises are moving around us at that time, reminds me of how the EMF was moving around (behaving) on my pre investigation visit some weeks earlier. This is not proof that the building is haunted, but from an investigative angle it does add weight to the haunting theory in the building.

Main Hallway Full Spectrum and Trigger objects:

It was suggested by Jamie to place a ball and hoop in the main hallway floor as trigger objects, these were from the dance studio: this was a good idea and we felt the spirits would be used to these objects being around. I used one of the full spectrum video cameras under an illumination mixture of infrared and ultraviolet for a deeper recording mode.

Upon viewing this footage: with in the first minute of the vigil and the first question asked by George ďdo you want to playĒ Brenda says: is that ball moving, I said yes I believe it is moving very slightly, on the forage it would appear that the ball did move ever so slightly, in a rocking motion as if someone was trying to move the ball but could not quite do it. At this point no one was close the ball and hoop we were at a 4 meter distance.

It is recorded on the footage: that if someone passes close to the ball it does move and it is very noticeable, but I would also like to mention that it is noticeable on the footage there is someone passing close to the ball. This would back up the first movement of the ball as a response to the vigil question, as it is clear that none of us present were anywhere near the ball on the first movement even though it was very slight: and as there was no draft present in the hallway at the time, I have to look at the possibility of it being a response to our vigil.

I think at this stage of the report it is a good idea to explain a bit about the use of trigger objects, they are widely used by paranormal groups in the hope of any spirit presence might move or play with the object / objects. There have been reports of this method working in respect to paranormal investigation by other groups, in the past we have tried this method a few times but for us no success. This could be because: we have not tried using objects that are familiar to any spirits present at any of those locations. I do know that the reported successful instances of the trigger object method; the movement has been very slight with no other cause for the trigger object movement found.


First I would like to make a point:  I do not think we have proven that the building is haunted, one would have to gather a lot more than we were able to on this visit: and a lot more substantial. I am convinced that we are on the way to finding something that will help answer that question.

I am not saying I do not believe any of the witnesses and the feelings these people have experienced, like the occupants and the visitors to the building, also the investigators, but we need more documented data before we are able to make that claim.

When all the data is gathered together that was recorded on the night, it does back up the reports that something strange is happening in the building. While I am compiling this report: I have to keep an open mind and look at each piece of data and pull it apart, however there are parts of the data I cannot debunk, also those parts of the data seem to be backed up (cross referenced) by other pieces of equipment, and verified by investigators present at the time.

I have no doubt: that some of the members of the public that have been to the building: also the tenants have witnessed and felt a strong presence that fits the paranormal realm, I know that some of our investigators felt this as soon as they entered the building.

I would like to thank Douglas for inviting us to conduct this investigation also his participation was great, as his presence probably helped in some of the responses we were able witnessed. In my opinion as a paranormal team leader and investigator: The building has a lot more to offer in the paranormal way,  and further investigation might help answer some of those questions some of the witnesses have.

We as a paranormal investigation team always approach every investigation with total respect, respect for the spiritual presence, the location and the client.
I am hoping that sometime in the future our team we will be able to return to the building, and look for that data (evidence) were are all looking for.
This is a paranormal investigation report for one of Palmerston Northís city centre businesses:
done on the 8th of June 2014
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Brenda and Jamie seated near the ballroom double doors.
This is George at the time he heard the door handle moving on the double doors leading into the ballroom.
In the early hours of the morning, this is Brenda crouched down by the trigger objects, she is trying to communicate with the spirits thata re present.
This is a picture of the trigger objects that Jamie set up in the main hall way, we are not certain but we think some movement in the ball was in response to  one of our vigil quesions.
This is a picture of part of the basement, this part is where Brenda felt the drastic  temperature difference.
This is the same area but from a different angle, this is taken at the time of the temperature difference.
This a different part of the basement, there is a door at the end, we held two vigils in this area with no results earlier Victoria Catherine and Douglass heard strange noises coming from near this door. 
In this picture it shows George and Brenda trying to registering the temperature change that Brenda felt. Our equipment did not read a difference, the change must has been at a spiritual level for brenda tuning in.
This is a picture of the stairwell to the basement at the first floor level, Brenda had told us about the EMF reading, and they were on the move and changing direction up and down, leading Brenda ,Jamie and I on a wild goose chase.
This is just a snapshot of the K11 as it is reacting to something, this happened on this stairwell several times at random times throughout the night.