Joint investigation of a private home located in the lower north island New Zealand on the 15th of February 2014
Core Paranormal NZ and Via video link: guest group was Independent paranormal investigations from Australia  
Core NZ Crew Attending:




IPI Crew Attending Via Video Link



Equipment used:

1 x Sony night shot tripod mounted

1 x Full spectrum video camera tripod mounted

1 x Hand held laser grid left portable

2 x IR lamps

1 x Full spectrum lamp

1 x Mains laser grid tripod mounted

1 x Thermal imaging camera

2 x Digital audio recorders

1 x Laptop computer

5 x Core NZ custom tripod mounts

5 Assorted tripods

2 x Tri-torches

2 x Ultraviolet illuminators
Weather Conditions:

6. 00pm: The weather upon arrival at the investigation was a typical February evening, the temperature was 23c and a clear sky and no threat of rain, also there was no wind throughout the duration of the investigation not even a breeze. Over all it was a warm night.
Haunting history in brief:

Over the last few years our client has reported and recorded activity in their home that fits into the paranormal slot, at times this activity is full on and witnessed by everyone in the home, even when guests are visiting this activity can be at times in everyone's face.

Some of this activity is very loud noises that are way out of character with the home. There was one suggestion it could be house movement noises, but that has been looked into and found this to be very unlikely, as the nature of the noises are that loud at times that it sounds like something is falling apart. Also our client has been living in the home for some years and knows that it is something else, also some of their family and friends have backed that up.

There has been a bit of unexpected background movement been experienced, upon checking to see what it was there has been on one there, this has happened at different times while alone in the home even while other family or friends are present.

There is a physical side of this activity as well; our clients and others in the home have been touched at times by some unseen presence, they have all explained that “it is unmistakable something that cannot be seen has definitely touched us”.

Another side of the physical side of this activity is things around the home being moved for no apparent reason. I (George) was in the clients home and I witnessed what this activity is capable of, I was looking around and I was In the hallway, one of the doors opened by itself, I looked but I could not see anyone on the other side so I went to close the door, It wound not move even when I put my knee up against the door and pushed. I was a bit taken back as I could feel the pressure as if someone was pushing back the other way, and when I eased up on my pushing it was being pushed back towards me. So I then kept up the pressure and after 10 seconds or so the door came free and finally closed. Whatever is in this home it is very strong and I will mention more about this area of the home later in this report.

At setup time as we were using portable equipment most of the setup went smoothly, the video link at our end had a few challenges but we were able to overcome those with a bit of tinkering. Before long we were on our way with this joint investigation with IPI as our gests.
As we started the investigation we asked Alan and his team if there was anything in particular they would like us to do. They wanted us to show them around the home, I took the IR cam that we were using as a web cam and walked slowly around the home, I went into every room in the home and paned the camera around slowly. There were a few times that they asked me to double back so they could have another look at something.

I would like to mention at this stage of the report that one of the methods IPI use while investigating is there psychic abilities. We have investigated with IPI before and found there gift to be very real.
We did not give IPI any specific details on what is happening in the home, but we did tell them there was activity being experienced in the home.

Brenda's Personal experience:

Within the first hour I was walking around with the web cam and I returned to the main lounge area, I placed the cam so it was facing up the hallway that Leeds to other rooms in the home, Brenda was at the other end of the hallway and called out to me as the EMF meter she was holding was going nut's, this lasted for a few minutes. Then it seemed to start to move as Brenda had to double back to keep hold of the EMF reading, and then it just disappeared as quick as it came.

I was glad that I placed the web cam where I did as IPI saw the whole thing as it happened. We did have a talk for a while before this happened with IPI and we asked if they had any feeling about the investigation so far. Alan did say he felt that there could be more than one spirit present on the property, but he wanted to wait before making any judgment on that.

I would like to say that this very strong EMF (presence) happened two more times, both times the EMF was around Brenda that makes three times all up. Was the presence hanging around Brenda? I asked Alan and his team what they felt about that. They said that: there is a very strong possibility of that being the case as the readings were all taken around Brenda each time, This does give food for thought as this has happened before.

Laser grid:  
We used laser grids all over this investigation, the hallway where the EMF was moving around at one point we had a mains laser set up covering the whole hallway, there was times when we observed what looked like movement/interference of some sort, afterwards we ruled out bugs as we had not seen or recorded any bugs the whole night that may have been the cause of the movement, also all the windows were closed which helped keep any video bug contamination to a minimum.

The sort of movement we observed was some of the laser dots wound disappear and reappear (about the size of an apple) in sequence. The movement would travel part of the grid and then no trace of it in mid grid it seems to disappear. This happened several times over the night, even at the best of times these lasers do not show up very clearly under infrared on video, and the web cam was at the other end of the hallway with a full spectrum video camera recording alongside, so the video does not show the movement very well, in fact even when I was reviewing the footage and looking for the movement I hardly made any of it out but it is defiantly there.
As there has been so much activity reported from this property, we were not surprised that we got a visual response with the aid of one of the laser grids. I am not able to verify the laser movements due to the IR video and laser compatibility issue.

Point of interest with compatibility:

I have found over the years when certain conditions exist there is a way of getting laser grid and video to gel better, if one has a video camera with them that can record in normal video mode, and turn off any IR’ Ultraviolet or full spectrum illuminators or lamps, in fact no added illumination at all, then the standard video camera picks up most of the laser grid in a natural black background, when that is possible then it helps upon footage reviewing time.


Haunting movement theory:

There is another building on the property that seems to share some of the activity that is being experienced in the home. This is a self-contained flat. The closest point between these two buildings is about 12 meters; these two points are corners of both buildings. Over the investigation time spent at this home we have come up with a theory that there is a lay line between these two points. This may explain some of the movement and why the activity has been witnessed in both buildings.

Throughout the night at times we had discussions with IPI via the video link on what has transpired in the investigation so far at that point, and around midnight we had one of these discussions, and the outcome of it was that Alan and his team felt that there was more than one spirit on the property, and that they seemed to be on the move.

It was very helpful having IPI with us on this investigation even though it was a Core NZ investigation. Having the extra eyes and suggestions was great, along with Alan’s psychic abilities which helped us to look at some of the things that happened in a different light, in my opinion this is a good thing about sharing and learning of each other and that has to be a plus for any client/investigation. It does not matter how open minded one is, there is always something else to learn about this subject around the corner and we were thankful for the input.


One of the interesting things about the hallway is one end is very close to the lay line that we have the theory on, and most of our encounters on this investigation was down that end of the hallway. Even the door I mentioned earlier in this report is down near that end of the hallway.

A few times throughout the investigation Alan did ask for us to focus on the hallway, Alan and his team had no prior knowledge of the finer details of this investigation, anything they picked up on was through their own individual talents.

As our two teams have their differing ways of approaching certain areas of paranormal investigating, at Core NZ we rely heavily on technology and IPI with their psychic abilities, which made for a very interesting investigation. As IPI’s main area of interest was the hallway and one of the rooms leading off towards what we call now the lay line. We feel that this helps back up our own theory (core NZ) on there being a lay line between the two buildings.

Corner room lay line:

For the purpose of this report I am referring to the room that is situated at the corner closest to the sleep out as the corner room lay line.

There was another movement noticed on the night of the investigation, that was what looked like orb movement. This movement was seen traveling in two directions, leaving and entering the doorway of this room. This was backed up by IPI as the web cam was situated at the time in the hallway about 6 meters away, they also noticed it in the hallway down near that doorway.

Thermal backup:

There were a few times when we experienced a large drop in temperature, these drops averaged dropping by 5c: that was 23c down to at times 18c, and after say a minute or so it would return to the 23c.

We had with us on this investigation a thermal imaging camera, throughout the night when we felt it the imaging was needed we both took turns operating it, one of the uses this piece of equipment on an investigation is its accuracy on recording or checking temperatures, and the thermal camera verified and recorded some of our temperature fluctuations. I would like to add that Brenda experienced these temperature fluctuations more often than I did, but that comes as no surprise to me as Brenda is more in tune with the spiritual side with paranormal investigating than I am, and she is still getting to grips with this ability.

The thermal imaging camera showed us one other thing that was very interesting. I (George) was panning the thermal camera around the hallway at random; I watched Brenda’s thermal signature walk up the hallway towards the lay line end, after she past one of the doorways close to the lay line a partially formed human signature (Mostly upper torso) followed her. This happened about 2 seconds after Brenda past the doorway. It seemed to dissipate in to the back wall of an end room.

Nothing was visible to the naked eye that could be the cause of this extra thermal signature. I did notice that even though the movement was delayed, I think the signature was trying to mimic Brenda’s walk but was not able to see it through. Whatever this was we feel it is a major find towards any haunting claims on the property.


I have to say that this investigation had many interesting things happen while we were there, and I could have entered more detail into this report , but I do not want to go into it any further as our client wants to keep there privacy. Maybe one day we will be
allowed to enter more but the location will still be kept private.

When all the different events large or small that happened, also what the equipment gathered and reacted to, and IPI and their input, with the many strange activity reports over the years, I have to say that there is strange activity on this property.

I do not think we have proven that the property is haunted but there is something definitely strange happening there. As I have stated before in other reports that proving any haunting claim will need a lot more hard evidence before anyone would be to call it proven.

I would like to thank the client for having us in the home and entrusting Core NZ with investigating their home. As there seems to be ongoing strange activity in the home we may be able to return to help with understanding what is happening around the home.      

Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This pic is from one angle of the hallway facing towards (the end of the hallway) the active end. Here George is doing a thermal sweep
This pic is George again in the hallway, he had just seen the extra thermal signature just after Brenda had left the shot.
This pic near the bottom is a not so clear shot of the extra thermal signature. I can not get this one any clearer without tampering with it. I do not want to do that.
In this pic Brenda is down the end of the hallway, at this point she is starting to feel a major temperature drop just before the first EMF bust.
This pic is when Brenda found the first recorded EMF burst, this is one of many throughout the night
This pic was taken later than the previous one, it is a little pixelated but you can still make out the red max light on Brenda's EMF meter, this burst lasted for about 15 seconds
Here George is pointing to another EMF meter, at the time it was maxing out, this room is near the end of the hallway
This is a pic of the hallway, I have included this as it is a reasonably clear shot of the hallway.