A call for help in the Wellington area, the clients wanted to try and resolve there activity issues and wanted our advice and guidance. Our roll was minor and we were in constant contact with the client. The date set of their home investigation was 3rd of January 2014.
The equipment used by our clients:

2 x Standard map reading compasses

1 x Crystal

Talcum powder

Some candles

Some trigger objects/ Family artefacts

1 x digital audio recorder
Haunting history: It was reported to us by our client that for the last six months everyone in the home was experiencing strange happenings, these happenings would happen at any time of the day or night. Things were being moved without any apparent culprit as this had never happened before. I asked the obvious question, do you think this could be someone in the home playing pranks, the answer was to the negative as ever one in the home was trustworthy and it would be out of character for anyone in the home.

Then there was the noises that had no apparent source even after several checks. This is our clients words “The activity has gotten so bad that we all want to move”, but they wanted to try and get on top of this first before taking such drastic measures.

After many email and phone calls and our clients had gotten basic/grass roots equipment list together we set, the clients set the date to Saturday the 3rd of January 2015, kick off time at nine thirty. We made sure we were contactable the whole evening in case we were needed for support.
The investigation: As it turned out the evening went well for our clients, and they were happy with how the evening went. We had told them in the build up to this event to be respectful but firm via Vigils, and use any trigger objects that they can find that they felt could help identify a possible past family member. That was not to rule our avenues as a cause.

I was contacted 4 time during the investigation via phone calls, this was to let me know how things were going, and the reactions with the compasses at certain times. There was a few questions at the time these were mainly approach method questions, by what was explained to me they had it all under control.

After the investigation our clients seemed to be very confident they had “Nailed It” as they were sure the activity was a past family member, a great grandfather. The reason they are convinced it is there great grandfather on their fathers side, was the compasses they were using instead of EMF meters reacted when placed near a photograph of he as a youth. This happened more than once with this particular trigger object, as they had tried other from other past family members with no reaction at all.

I have to say I am very impressed the way the family have conducted their own paranormal investigation, all they needed was so guidance to point them in the right direction, and some information about items around the house that can be used instead of expensive equipment.

Now that our clients are sure they know what/whom is causing the activity around the home, they are no longer worried, in fact they are happy to have him around as they know he is only teasing them, apparently he was like this all through his life and meant no harm to anyone, he just liked a joke or two and was very friendly.

Well this is a great outcome for this family and all power to them as they did a great job, as they did their homework and kept a level head thought the whole investigative process.                                   
Cpoy right 2009