Paranormal investigative notes of interest on a private residence located in the Manawatu on the 28th of June 2013.  Our clients privacy is being observed.
Crew Attending:



Equipment used:

1 x Sony night shot

1 x IR lamp

1 x EMF meter analog

1 x Core NZ custom camera mount
Haunting history in brief:

Our client has been seeing silhouette figures around there property for some time now, our client frequently have visitors and they have mentioned seeing the silhouette figures as well. It is reported to me that they see this mainly in the evening time at random times, this sometimes is accompanied with a male voice, the voice sounds like an older male with a  gruff tone and hard to make out what he is saying. There are two building on this property and it has been reported to me that, the silhouette figure is seen inside and around both buildings.
Weather Conditions:

The weather on the night was a typical winters night with low temperatures around 12c. There was no rain present while the investigation took place, but the rain was threatening as the sky was full of dark clouds. There was a small breeze right throughout the investigation and it stayed like that for the duration.

I would like to start this web version of our clients report by telling everyone: that Victoria was not privy to our clients haunting history as I kept that to myself. Also the way we conducted the investigation is different to how we usually do them. Our client wanted Victoria to walk through the whole property inside and out at her own pace, Victoria has a gift of being able to tune in to her surroundings when asked to do so, and I can tell you that Victoria is right most of the time. I can testify to this as I have witnessed Victoria gift on many occasions. I was able to video most of Victoria's walk through, and I am waiting for permission from our client to post it on our web site, when that happens I will publish it on this report page.

As this investigation was not reliant on our tools and technology, it was good to approach it utilizing some of the groupís gifted side. The client is very pleased with what Victoria picked up on, and more so whom she picked up on. Victoria was also able to furnish our client with a fairly accurate history of the property which at the time was known only to the client.

I will leave this report as is for now, as I would like the video of Victoriaís walk through to tell the story.
It was a pleasure to meet and hang out with our client; it also gave us some valuable experience relying on the gifted side of our group. We thoroughly enjoyed this investigation and the experience it gave us, and we hope to return some time in the future.
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With our clients permission we will publish the video at a later date