This Paranormal report has been edited at our clients request, any personal and identifying information has been removed, Our client is happy for us to publish some of the data and experiences we gathered on 15th febuary 2013
Crew Present:



Both Clients
Equipment used:

1 x 4 channel DVR with screen

1 x 50mtr IR HDCCDTV cam

3 x 30mtr IR HDCCDTV cams

1 x Thermal imaging camera

1 x IR Thermometer

2 x Hand held laser grids both portable

2 Full spectrum video camera

4 x Sony night shots

4 x Full spectrum lamps

6 x IR lamps

2 x ultraviolet illuminators tripod mounted

10 large capacity lithium storage battaries

3 x Core NZ custom tripod brackets

1 x Digital audio recorder

4 x Passive IR motion detectors

7 x Assorted tripods

6 Assorted video/power/audio leads
Haunting history in brief:

Our clients have reported to us that they have seen and felt things to the point: that they wondered if they were losing it. But after a while they realized that both Mr and Mrs have seen, heard and felt the same out there things. So this leads both of our clients to come to the conclusion that there must be something to this “strange stuff” description follows:

We have both seen on numerous times someone go past the window to the front door, upon going to answer the door there has been no knocking sound, and upon opening the door no one is there or anywhere to be seen and the gate is 20 meters away, also we have checked around the house and still no one to be seen.

This has been going on for at least a decade and it happens mainly at the front door, but it has also happened a few times around other windows in the house, and still no one can be found. This property is fully fenced by a 1.8 meter high fence and is in good condition.

Our clients have also told us there is no noises when this happens and they have not noticed any out of the ordinary noise at all, just the presences at the windows. So we were asked to investigate and we organized this date.
Weather conditions:

It was mostly a clear night sky with scattered wispy clouds throughout the investigation, a very slight breeze that was hardly noticeable and the temperature at setup 7.30pm was 24c. There was no sign of rain at any time while the investigation was running.
We had our DVR and video cameras running for six hours, upon viewing all the footage we found nothing out of the ordinary. There was the usual bugs and dust and other air bourn pollutants.

We did several vigils during the investigation in the areas that our clients have named there hot spots. We reviewed all the audio from these vigils and did not find anything out of the ordinary.

We did random thermal sweeps all through the night of the whole house and property. But still we found nothing strange that we could not explain.

Even though nothing noticeable happened while we were there, we feel that the presence(s) that our clients are seeing: just did not show themselves to us. Maybe they are not use to us being there and did not like the attention via all the equipment we had set up.

I would like to mention that we approached and treated the investigation with the upmost respect, and we treat all of our clients and investigations the same way regardless of the size and location.

As we came away from the investigation empty handed, there is nothing else I can add to this report. I have suggested to our clients that we would like to return some time and try again, and they have agreed that another investigation might reveal something. No firm date has been set but we will wait until our clients are ready.
We would like to thank both out clients for entrusting us to investigate there home; it was a pleasure to meet and get to know them both.
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