Paranormal investigative report by Core Paranormal NZ Lower North Private Residence
On the 20th July 2012
Attending Crew
And Clients

Introduction and short history of reported activity
Our client has been experiencing strange activity in their home for some time, It has taken some time to complete this 1st report for our client; this is due to the ongoing nature of this investigation.
Our client has noticed many things that do not fit in with day to day life and their surroundings at their home, one of these are the over powering feeling that they are not alone when no one else is home with them, this happens a lot day and night, our client feels that it could be the spirit of their still born child, the childís ashes are in an urn on the mantel in the lounge. If it is their childís spirit then it is possible that other spirits are present and maybe passing through their home, and this would account for the quantity of activity they are experiencing.
Another out of the ordinary activity that our client and their eldest child have notice, is noises other than the normal house noises they have gotten to know over the years, this is experienced by them both frequently day and night and it can be alarming to them both, also our client has two cats and they both react in a negative way when these strange noises happen.

The strongest anomalistic activity our client experiences is visual sightings of people that have passed on, and that of living people she knows even though they are not with her, and also there is other movement that our client notices, and they cannot explain exactly what they see as it is usually in the form of dark shade and only for a split second, this has happened numerous times over the last few years. 
More recently and work man working on a room inside the home claims to have been slapped across the face, he was in the room alone, the workman seemed very upset while informing our client what had happened and left the house, the workman returned weeks later to finish the job with no further problems.
An interesting point and possible cause about some of and if not all the activity that is being experienced in clients home is, one of our clients in the home is an embalmer, and something may have connected to them from their job at the funeral home, and they may have a gift of being able to see and experience spirits, and until lately this ability might be coming more prevalent to them. With the nature of our clients job they are no stranger to death, and are also familiar with the smell that death brings, itís not a job for the squeamish and says a lot about our client, they are not one for telling tails or will they put up with wasting time, and they are in my opinion more than most: qualified to say whether death may or may not be present.

Equipment Used
1 x 8 x Channel DVR
22Ē LCD Screen
5 x 30trs IR CCD Cams
2 x 50mtr IR CCD Cams
1 x 100mtr IR CCD CAM
1 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras
2 x Sony Night Shots
3 x Digital Still Cameras
3 x IR Lamps
2 x Ultraviolet Illuminators
2 x hand held Laser Grids
2 x mains powered Laser grids
4 x EMF Meters
3 x digital Audio Recorders
12 x Assorted tripods
12 x Video Audio Leeds
1 x Parabolic Ear
1 x random word generator ( First Time Trial )
1 x Thermal Imaging Camera
2 x IR Thermometers

Weather Conditions  Cool crisp and clear, with no rain throughout the duration of the investigation, later around 11.30pm it became a bit overcast with a very light breeze. The average temperature at setup around 7.30pm was 15c, dropping to around 12c at pack up.

At setup time things went reasonably smooth, there was a few hick-ups with two of the cams, but that was sorted out very quickly, as Brenda and Victoria were doing base line readings while I sorted out the last of the DVR setup, they both noticed that there was a lot of intermittent EMF registering on both of the meters they were using. Upon investigation of the possible cause or causes as there was more than one area that the EMF was registering, and some of it seemed to be on the move and would suddenly disappear, this happened all through the investigation.
With a thorough check of the entire home we found some causes for some of the EMF, but there was still quite a bit that had no apparent source, with an earlier sweep with the EMF meters when the base line readings were done, we were expecting certain areas to register with our meters with an obvious source during the investigation, but there was other EMF that seemed too take on what looked like its own behavior, as I mentioned earlier it was on the move almost like it was playing hid and seek, this was recorded several times over the evening.
Both Victoria and my self-noticed: that sometimes when one of our clients was near us and we had an EMF meter turned on it often registered bursts of EMF, some of which went of the scale on both meters. As we were not using our walkie talkies on this investigation, they were still stored away in one of our storage containers in my locked vehicle, so they were not the cause of the moving EMF; our client had no electronic devices on here besides trying out an EMF meter. 
We can find no mechanical source or reason why our client sometimes emits EMF; one theory is that something is hanging around her at times unseen to the naked eye that is emitting EMF; this along with the EMF that moves around with no visible cause on its own sparks the need to further investigate this at a later date.
Over the next few pages I have mentioned in bullet form some of the activity that was caught on DVR, I have broken the DVR video down to slides for our clients so the activity can be seen more clearer, if left in video format most of it would be too fast and the depth of the subject would be lost, and one gets a clearer view of what is captured.
One more thing before I start on describing what we caught on video; Brenda and Victoria both are investigators, over a period of time have shown me that they are capable of tuning into the surroundings that they are in at the time, usually with some degree of accuracy, and I have learned to listen to them when they are tuned into the area we are investigating; regardless of where we are.        

Cam 01
This cam was placed near the entrance way on a tripod facing left on an angle across the main area of the sleep out, catching the bathroom doorway, kitchen and pat of the sleeping area, trained at about waste height and upwards to catch up to the ceiling, this cam placement caught most of the sleep out area.


The DVR had been recording for about an hour and a half by this time, but the footage at this time seemed to take on a different dimension; almost mist like with a street view that has an old fashioned cast iron lamp post in it, and a wrought iron fence, this lasts for a few seconds and is not the room that the cam was set up in.
There are no areas on this property that looks like this; and we do not recognize it at all from any of our other investigations that we have been on. We are not sure what it the seen means but it is recorded and documented.

Possible theory
Between the sleep out and the right rear corner of the house could be a lay line, a path that spirits use to travel between points, lay lines are a widely held theory among lots of seasoned veteran paranormal investigators all over the world, and what they are used for.


An orb anomaly enters the shot at mid screen, it is about one and a half meters from the cam, its presence seems to affect the cam in some odd ways; there is a multitude of colors recorded on screen, but there is no pattern to them and they seem to fade into each other, a bit like an abstract painting as there is no sequence to the colors.
Also at the same time there is an orb shaped anomaly that seems to come into shot as its outline is visible and moves away, this does not seem to alter the faded color effect at the time even after leaving the shot.

10.28pm Vigil

Brenda Victoria and George hold a vigil in the kitchen area of the sleep out, on the footage it is clear that Brenda and Victoria pick up on something close by but what it is: is not recorded on the DVR footage as it is outside the cam shot.

Maybe Possible

After the results that the DVR footage has reviled and the data recorded in the house; the theory of a lay line is not farfetched, intact we have no other theory to offer after such an in-depth investigation of the property
I do not think our footage and data recording has proven that there is a lay line, but it certainly could be used help prop up the theory.

Cam 02

This cam was set up alongside the decking facing the sleep out catching most of the yard and the front of the sleep out.


A strange mist falls all over the yard this only lasts for about 4 seconds, it disappears as quick as it came, it did not look like the everyday mist that most of us have seen, the effect it had was as if someone had placed a see through filter with a light mist embedded on it, and placed it over a picture quickly, then a few seconds later suddenly removing it,


From left to right mid screen an orb anomaly travels very slowly and level, there are no singes of insect legs or feelers nor wings, and it do not fit into our dust theory, this is the last unexplainable activity that is caught in this area on this investigation, there was moths and bugs flying around that we were able to identify.

Cam 03
This cam was placed at the doorway of the rear bedroom at the end of the hallway, facing towards the lounge doorway, this covered the whole hallway, back door way entrance, closet door and to the extreme left, the area leading to the next bed room.


Another orb anomaly like the one caught out by the deck, unlike the bugs and moths we have recorded, this shows no signs of any bug parts nor does it show characteristics or react like dust. The orb anomaly headed into the next bedroom at a quiet and smooth pace, which this bedroom is suspected of being part of the lay line.
Paranormal influences cannot be ruled out with some of the orb activity that seems to be heading both ways, in and out of this corner bed room which is the closest point between the house and the sleep out.
Again this does not prove that the activity recorded is paranormal, but it does give food for thought that there is a good chance that it is, and helps support the lay line theory.
I would like to say that at no time have I thought that whatever may be here as being dangerous while I was investigating our clients house, nor did any of the other investigators, if the lay line is real then it does not seem to pose any threat or harm to anyone that uses the corner bedroom or the rest of the house.

Cam 04
This is placed in the far corner of the corner bedroom facing the door way, this captures two thirds of the area of the room.
This cam also catches the orb anomalies that come through the doorway from the hallway, it backs up from a different angle and distance, that some of the orb movement in the hallway and enters the bedroom is not bug or dust related.
I am sure that this area still has a lot to offer as far as investigating goes, the data we gathered would suggest that there is substance to keep the lay line theory alive.
Other than a few moths and obvious dust bursts there was no other activity recorded in this bedroom. But what we did get speaks volumes.

Cam 05
This cam is set up in the main bedroom; it is facing on a diagonal across the room over the bed and it catches two thirds of the center room and the dresser area.
As the evening went on it became obvious to all of us that there may be something going on in this room, the EMF bursts in here were very high, they would come out of the blue, even with a thorough search of the room the cause was not found. One of the areas in this room that also has frequent EMF bursts is near the head board of the bed.
One of our clients has also experienced being touched by some unseen entity while in the room by them self and often feels that they are not alone while going to sleep.  

There seems to be an unidentified anomaly descending from the ceiling area, there is no sign of cob web nor is it a spider, its decent looks to be smooth and controlled but it does not resemble an orb either, with the absence of wing legs or even the hint of a feeler as it is in clear sight of the cam in the middle of the room, we can only come to the conclusion that it is unidentified and might be placed in the anomaly category, it has been placed in our data library for such things and maybe comparisons at a later date.

While Brenda is investigating in the main  bedroom checking for EMF which was present at the time, at the same time an orb anomaly comes into shot and seems to leave the room via the doorway, Brenda is unaware of this anomaly at the time, but the EMF disappeared at the same time.

9.06pm through to 10.52pm
Brenda and Victoria were sitting on the bed holding a vigil, over this period of time four creasant shaped orb anomalies we rerecorded; all were traveling in different directions in an orderly manner

Cam 06
This is set up in the lounge outside corner facing the couch wall unit and door way from the hallway, this angle covers the main part of the area in the lounge.

A small anomaly seems to appear from nowhere next to the wall unit, it does a small circular motion and disappears into thin air, it was not the classic orb movement that we have become accustomed to seeing over the years, there might be a connection to the anomaly that was recorded in the main bedroom, even though the movement styles between the two are different, neither can be explained and do not have any classic orb or body shape, they both seem to be oblong in shape; but look and move in a different way to each other. It is just a hunch that they could be connected.

What looks like the same anomaly that appeared next to the wall unit appears almost mid left of the room, itís near the TV and moves in a straight line towards the doorway leading to the hallway, but it disappears as fast as it appeared, the same vanishing characteristics as the anomaly recorded in the lounge near the wall unit.

There was not a lot of activity recorded but what was is very interesting, it is too early to say at this point whether our clients house is haunted or not, but some significant footage was gathered and one needs to keep an open mind about it, certainly I would not close the door on any theoryís that some of the causes are paranormal activity.
I hope that one day we can help our clients with the activity they are experiencing, and maybe helping them to move on any spiritual presences that are affecting their way of life.
  I would like to thank our clients for letting us into your home and entrusting such an important task to our group. We will carry on as much as it takes to help you through this.
There is a slideís of interest disk that goes with this report, and there are other reports to follow in the near future.

Our Clients Wishes
Core Paranormal NZ has permission from our client to publish some of this report, but our clients want their identity and location kept secret. Core Paranormal NZ will respect those wishes.   
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This pic is from our DVR footage, it is from the sleep out kitchen area, Victoria and Brenda both tuned into something near by, and they are able to track it, we are not sure what it is at this stage, but the feeling is that it's one of our clients visitors. 
This is a pic from Our DVR footage, this is some of the effect the the presence seemed to have on the cam in the sleep out.