Introduction and Background to the property
Due to circumstances not under the control of investigators, they arrived at the site of the investigation much later than was anticipated and planned. For this reason there were no resting readings taken for either temperature or electro-magnetics.
It turned out that all bar one hardwired DVR cameras refused to work when set up. 14 cameras in total we set up, 1 x 8 channel, 1 x 4 channel, 1 x full spectrum, 1 x night shot, however they all suffered failures, and after spending some time replacing most of the gear and some more than once to get the recording up and running, it made no difference then the choice was made to carry on with the investigation as best as possible without them. The ways in which the cameras failed was also notable; as opposed to just blacking out or power cutting off quickly, not all at once the cameras slowly powered down, ‘fading out’ and in some appearance ‘misting out’, and there was no set pattern to the failure to all the gear, There was no obvious reason for that found at the time, and the team had to change tact, documenting the investigation instead on mainly digital camera and voice recorder.

It was still a very interesting investigation for the team, and although no strong paranormal activity was documented on the night, J and B - the landowners, were able to provide a great deal of interesting information.

Property owners History
J and B, the owners have been on the property for some time. J has strong psychic abilities and B tends more towards having healing abilities. They have always known there is paranormal activity on the property and are very comfortable with it all. J shares her gift readily, including holding classes and evenings that are thrown open to the general public.

The house was formerly a rabbiters house; and they made some interesting alterations to the house, including a trap door in the middle of the floor in one room to let their dogs in and out in the middle of the night. There is also a building that is part-residual of an original blacksmith shop; and this still houses some of the original tools and gear that would have been used back when it was a going concern.

All the land and much of the surrounding land saw skirmishes and battle activity dating back to the European-Maori land wars in the 1800’s. It is felt and believed by J and B that many of the spirits that frequent their property are related to this time period, and include both Maori Warriors and women who were included in the unrest.

Other regular paranormal activity experienced by J and B on the property includes:

Orbs being capture on film and seen with the naked eye regularly by both of them.

Orb storms are not uncommon, with regular and multiple orbs being recorded down one side of the house and around but not restricted to the area of the creek on the property.

J sees full body apparitions on the property, of note are Maori Warriors and women who often follow her and her group members around, seemingly interested in what they are doing.
Private Residence investigation mid north Island with a rich history held on 18th of January 2012 By Core Paranormal NZ investigations
Our clients privacy is being observed in this partial report
Puipui-wearing Warriors have also been seen scaling hills on the surrounding properties.

Ghost animals, particularly cats, are also present on the property (they do not own cats but do have dogs).

To let them know they are around, its often reported that spirits cause large metal bins in the kitchen to rattle and bang against each other. These tins are securely placed on a shelf at the level of about head-height

UFO sightings are also fairly regularly reported in the wider area of the property and surrounding properties.

Pictures of random faces are frequently taken on the property. Taken in the water and against the hills/banks of the geography some appear to very obviously resemble the faces of Maori Warriors.
Outcome and Results
During the time they spent on the property, there was a couple of interesting incidences that stood out to George in particular - other than the issues with the hard wired equipment.

Firstly, where and when some readings were taken during the night, the concreted area at the back of the house gave higher than normal EMF readings. This area co-incidentally is one that J considers an ‘orb superhighway’ where a lot of orbs are seen and photographed.
Before he was aware there were no living cats on the property - and before he was told about the presence of ghost animals, George was feeling like he should have been ‘looking’ around for felines. This was a particularly strong feeling later in the night when everyone was inside, talking and he felt as if a cat was rubbing and schmoozing around his legs and feet, as cats do. It was at this time he asked about cats, and was informed there were no living ones on the property.

Towards the end of the evening, while still talking and interviewing on voice recorder, both George and B shared a similar incident worthy of note. They both, one after the other, felt that their chairs had been bumped into quite heavily. It reminded George of how someone might pump a chair if they were trying to get past but there was not quite enough room. B shared that he had felt almost exactly the same sensation where he was sitting, although of course no one had been seen.

J shared with the group that she felt the warriors were the ones who did not want the equipment working that night. She explained that there were always spirits around, and this was why the investigators also went through a lot of camera batteries, which ran down much faster than usual. This happened continuously throughout the night, and helped George come to the conclusion to abandon trying to use most of the equipment.
While there was very little hard evidence revealed in the one DVR camera that stayed on, or in the voice recorders used for vigils the night proved to be very relevant and interesting to the investigators present. J was able to share personal insights and in-depth information with both of them, using her abilities and experience.

Analysis of all video, infra-red and still digital camera footage has also revealed nothing of note.  This is probably more due to the fact that very little of the electronic investigation equipment was working on the property, as opposed to the fact nothing might be anything going on.

The team has been invited back, and intends to return with gear they can make work for longer - both hard-wired and portable. The aim would also be to branch out into the wider area and try some outside investigation methods. J and B were most welcoming and gracious hosts, and the investigators thank them very much for their hospitality.

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