Crew Present:
2 x Crew Members

Weather Conditions:
Overcast, some light rain
Cold temperatures - between 12c down to 3c
A heavy frost starting to landing around 10pm

Equipment Used:
1 x 16 Channel DVR
13 x DVR IR Cameras
2 x digital cameras
2 x Voice recorder
1x Thermal Camera
2 EMF meters
1 x Full Spectrum Video Camera
14 x Assorted Tripods
13 x Assorted

Camera#1 Facing the public platform and rooms diagonally.
Camera#2 Facing along the public platform towards the main shed.
Camera#3 Inside the control room facing the open outside door.
Camera#4 Inside the manual control office.
Camera#5 Inside the main shed, facing towards the models side of the building.
Camera#6 Inside the main building on the roadside.
Camera#7 Inside main building, facing from road side back towards property.
Camera#8 In the unrepaired exhibits bay, facing the north.
Camera#9 Between the un-repaired support equipment in the rear bay of the main shed.
Camera#10Looking down towards the main ladies bathroom, in the main building.
Camera#11Looking toward  a main exhibit front of preparation shed at top of main building.
Camera#12Roadside end of the public platform, facing the manual controls.
Camera#13Facing exhibits at the top of the main building.

George and the two crew members turned up to the investigation site first, and Crissy was to follow later, we started setting up  some DVR  cams from the 16 channel DVR, and ended up only using 13 DVR cams, and also taking Resting readings consisting of the temperatures, and EMF, but besides the temperature being marginally warmer inside the main collection building both sets of results remained low to zero reading.

As opposed to concentrating on the main building , this time we also set up cams outside to the entrance office and the public  platform and  adjoining building.

The evening: besides being very cold, in fact cold enough to eventually call off the investigation before 12.00am, as temperatures made working outside very uncomfortable, ice was forming one the cams and video leads set up out side, and the evening was pretty uneventful dew to the conditions.Unfortunately this left the crew feeling like the investigation was not given the opportunity to be completed, as investigators were not able to try all methods they had intended to.

While setting up the DVR at the top of the main collection building near the museums larger exhibits, George and a crew member heard what they both identified as a woman's voice from inside the building towards the roadside. George called out and also went over to the area that the voice had come from, he looked  to see if anyone was there, and  also to answer the voice, but he could find nothing. On discussion the investigators agreed they had heard maybe 6 to 8 distinct words, and also agreed that it was a woman's voice, but we couldn't make out clearly what any of the words were.

After set up: and about 30 mins into the investigation Crissy joined  the crew members and George on site. Crissy agreed with one of  the crew members, in feeling uncomfortable about being out the back of the main shed, where the older exhibits are housed and in need of repair.While there was no solid reason for both members for feeling uncomfortable in that area, both felt they were being watched and preferred not to linger in the area alone.

When the investigators had a break and were sitting near the DVR, George told the team he felt his the presence of his ‘friend, in the past George has been aware of some unseen presence in the main building, and that he was hanging around him again at that moment.While pointing our cameras up to the area he felt the presence was standing in, one of the crew members took several digital camera stills.  In one of these pictures, corresponding to the direct area George was pointing at, a large orb anomaly was captured in the shot. It was situated next George.

The last incident of note: during the evening occurred when George and one of the crew members were doing rounds of the support buildings, taking still photographs of a small support room off to one side of the property. Three pics taken by the crew member of the corner of the small room, this included a window, the pics appear to show what could be a figure outside.  A pic taken by George on the same angle, of the same features doesn’t show any unusual forms at all.  An investigation of the site at the time didn’t show any obvious reasons for reflection or other possible causes of the figure being there.
On the 25th of June 2011 Core Paranormal NZ have had the privilege and the honor, of doing a follow up investigating on one of New Zealands best private museum. We will not publish a full report only notes, or disclose the local of the museum,these are the owners wishes,

Unfortunately this investigation was cut short by the temperature, so some of the investigation methods planned for use was not able to be completed.  The thermal camera was used during the evening; however it did not result in any interesting results worth looking further into.

Audio recorders were also used during the evening.  A 10 minute vigil was held by a crew member and George on the seating at the road side end of the main building.    Another short vigil was held in the entrance office, and another in the control room of the public platform.On analysis none of the audio recordings warranted closer investigation.

The feminine voice heard by the crew member and George while setting up the cameras was both interesting and unexpected.  It had also been hoped that more contact would have been made with the male presence that George feels is on the site, so to hear a distinct woman's voice turned new light on the site.

It is worth mentioning: that George does not feel that he holds any gifts in the area of being able to sense paranormal presences, spiritually or any other way, he holds a very strong interest in the world of the paranormal due to some personal experiences ,
But he is baffled why he senses a presence when ever he is on this property.

Both the still digital camera shots and the interesting DVR shots ot the evening reinforce even more to the investigators that there is definitely unexplained activity occurring on the property.  One of the things noted on analysis of the DVR footage is that there does appear to be a distinct orb that seems to follow the investigators on their rounds of the property.  Its unclear as to whether this is the male presence encountered often by George, or another spirit.  Often it is caught one or two seconds after the investigators, and particularly when George, has entered or exited the camera shot.

The activity recorded and noted around the public platform and support buildings, point towards further investigation of the area potentially turning up more activity and results.  The shading captured through the window of the small side room could be investigated further, into whether it was a genuine capture or could be caused by something not immediately outside the room.

Of all outcomes from this investigation, the strongest suggestion is perhaps the site is more suited as a warm weather operation.  The weather, temperature, wind and rain affects many aspects of investigating in such a varied site, and the ability for results to be naturally affected and skewed is particularly high, due to the separated buildings and distance investigators need to cover, as this is a large ongoing investigation.

Again: we would like to thank the owners of this grand site, that houses the best collection of its type in the world, for letting Core Paranormal NZ investigate there property. We feel both  honoured and  privileged to be aloud to document the paranormal activity that is present there. 
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
For the ongoing safety of the collection, and peace of mind of the owners, Core Paranormal NZ will respect the owners wished and keep the location of this investigation closed and confidential