Paranormal Investigation of a Private Residence in Palmerston North 8th 0f January 2011
Our clients privacy is being observed so this is a notes only report
Crew Present

Equipment Used

1 x 4 channel DVR
4 x 30mtr ccdtv IR cams
2 x Sony night shots
2 x Full spectrum video cams
2 x full spectrum illuminators
6 x IR illuminators
3 x Ultraviolet illuminators
2 x Digital audio recorders
2 x IR Thermometers
3 x EMF meters
1 x Parabolic Ear
2 x tri troches
2 x Passive IR motion detectors
Assorted tripods Video leads and custom fittings
Weather Conditions

On arrival 8.45pm the sky had next to no cloud with the hint of a breeze, the temperature at this time was 25c but over the coarse of the evening it dropped to 21c.
The hint of a breeze that was present on our arrival disappeared around 10.30, and did not return during the investigation, the night sky stayed mostly clear with on threat of rain at any time during the investigation.
Brief Notes On Reported Activity

Sudden noises at random mostly at night seldom during the day these are mostly banging noises, at times they get very loud to the point it overrides any other activity in the house and adjoining building, these noises were reported to us as not fitting in with the normal running of the house, and at times frightening visitors and the younger members of the family.

Also there have been items gone missing around the house and adjoining building, and reappear some days later but not always the same location but in an obvious one.

The clients also have reported hearing strange male voices around the house not sure if it is the same one all the time, the words that are heard make no sense to any of the family members, this happens at random while several family members are at home and or alone in the home.

We have heard from some of the clients friend that visit the home and they are adamant they have witnessed some of this strange activity around our clients home, also adding that some of the strange activity has frightened them a few times.
As our client does not want to be recognized they have given us permission to publish some of our collected data, and leave there names and location out of our web site report

Set Up And Investigation Start

The equipment set up went very smoothly with no problems when the DVR and our other equipment was switched on, straight away we noticed on the monitor the usual dust bursts and bugs, even though these were present there was a part of our footage when viewed it afterwards that interested us, there was a shadow movement on one of our cams at about 11.56pm, we are not totally sure of the shadow's origin as it could have been caused by one the investigators causing a shadow in the Infrared, we tried to account for the where about of all our crew at the time of the recorded shadow, everyone have advised me that they were not in that location at that time, even with this information I can not rule out one of us being the cause of this moving shadow,

We did a total of six hours DVR recording and the rest of the footage reviled nothing of any interest or out of place, we had asked the family while we were there to go about there usual routine which they did, our aim was not to disturb the natural flow of the family in there home in hope that we might record some of the strange activity that has been happening.

after reviewing all the audio one of our audio recorders did pick up a strange noise, we asked the the clients if they recognized the noise and they answered no, we were sure it was a male voice with a very strong early England accent, possibly cockney slang, we can not recognize the words and it sounds like a short sentence and are very faint.
The rest of the audio reviled nothing out of the ordinary.
Conclusion Of This Visit

After viewing all the data we gathered with very little to report, and interviewing family and friends about the activity around the home, it became very clear to us and the clients that we should return in the future to carry on investigating there home. The family are happy to live with what ever is in there home, but they would like the loud noises to stop, the family are getting use to the activity over time but are hopeful that we might be able to record some of it on a return visit.

We have given the family our word that we are there for them when ever they need us, if the activity gets to much before our next 
Scheduled visit we will return earlier.
We are waiting to hear from our client about some pictures we would like to post in this space
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