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My apologies for not maintaining the site but we run a full time registered charity as well
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We would like to introduce our crew to you and tell you a little bit about them.
As this subject is inherently difficult to approach stay true to the job at hand.

George Shiels.
I started  my first paranormal  investigation group over 7 years ago, after a close family member died very suddenly, and some very strange unexplainable things have been happening to my immediate family ever since. When we asked for help from the local Paranormal Group back then, they were not even interested in listening to us, so we got no help. That is why I started my own group, so we could help ourselves and others along the way, as we are learning more and more as time goes by about the world of the paranormal,  I would  like to think ,that if others may need help or support in that way, that they don't  have to go through it alone . I decided to call the group “Core Paranormal NZ". I hope to meet you on our paranormal journey.
Cristiana Shiels. I joined the paranormal  world  in 2009 with my husband George. I do a lot of the background work contacting clients and organizing dates and times.When I get the chance I go on investigations.As I am one of the more sceptical  crew members I feel it gives balance to the group.
Victoria Edmonds. I am a student at Massy University, I am doing a Bachelor in Resource and Environmental Planning . I have had a few paranormal experiences happen to me over the years that I can not explain, and I feel the need to explore and try to understand it more. I have a natural leaning towards the world of  the paranormal  since I was ten years old. I also have a keen interest in Egyptology. I have been on a few investigations and I really enjoy it, and look forward to future investigations and what they might bring
Catherine Nichol : Hi, my name is Catherine Nichol and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of resource and environmental planning at Massey University. I am in my second year at Massey, and thoroughly enjoying it. I moved down to Palmerston North at the start of 2011 from Auckland. I have many interests in animals and the environment, and hope my degree takes me in that direction. I am a new member to Core NZ and am looking forward to being a part of the group.
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We are a technology heavy group as we have a wide range of cameras and other recording equipment, we use this to help  document and hopefully record any unexplained activity that may be happening near you or your home or business, so we can try and find out what is going on

If there is a need for any further investigation in a deeper spiritual way, we can help with that as well, as we have good  contacts out side of our group that are able to advise us on what to do, and if necessary on request they will get personally involved.
We also furbish our clients with a full written report of the whole investigation, and also any video and audio of interest.
Below: is an explanation why we exist as a paranormal investigation group, and our goals
Below: This is the way we can help you
Core NZ are proud to be supporters of the Napier Prison, and look forward to a continuing  assosiation
I would not like to meet this lot in a dark ally: Click the pic above to see our article in Vice Magazine at the Napier Prison
We were honoured by a visit to our home by two awesome ladies: Sue Nicholson and her friend Karen. They spent a few hours with just chilling out before one of Sue’s shows here in Palmerston North.
Another picture of Sue and Karen with our daughter Amber.
This is a link to an article published on the 29-11-2014 in the Evening Standard: of the paranormal investigation done by Core Paranormal NZ on the 3-11-2014 of the Centre Point Theater: Click the picture above if you want to read the artile.
Above is a link to an article published in the Manawatu Standard on 31-01-2015 about Core Paranormal NZ
Above is a link to a Spectral Times article on Core Paranormal NZ
Above from the left: Elizabeth, Darcy and Victoria The girls are chilling out on location before an urgent private home investigation.
Core Paranormal NZ are official Taps Family Members based in New Zealand
Jessica Manges: I am a native Italian who has spent too many years studying in the USA, therefore you'll hear my accent! My background is in psychology and international affairs. I've had many experiences with the paranormal that started when I was a child. While I am spiritually sensitive, I am also a bit of a sceptic and wish to learn more about the paranormal field. As I enjoy working with the Core Paranormal NZ Team, I look forward to future investigations and aiding those in need
We exist as a paranormal investigation group because some of us have experienced unexplainable happenings in our lives, that seem to fit into the paranormal slot, and we are looking for answers and to learn more about this phenomenon, so we know what you may be going through. Others in our group have an interest in the world of the paranormal and want to learn more about it.  We also understand you may be going through a tough time with what is happening around you.
Our continued aim is to use this compounding knowledge and experience to, help anyone that maybe experiencing paranormal activity and they feel that they may need help with it.
We are looking for new investigators, if you live locally in the Manawatu area, and are interested in the paranormal then contact me Phone or Text (George) on 021850344 no experience needed we give full on hand training.